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Enjoy scrolling through all of our Frosted Face senior animals who have benefit from our mission at Frosted Faces Foundation.  They are listed in order of date of rescue, including those that have passed. If you have been following a certain Frosted Face's story and would like to know how he/she is doing, please email us at

Please make note of animals still looking for families. Their "Family" is listed as "Frosted Faces Foundation."  View biographies and more photos at Available Frosted Faces, learn more about becoming a family and the different programs we offer. You can also help fund their care by registering as their monthly sponsoring Fan.  

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Acquired from:  North Central Animal Shelter- LA
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: November 27th, 2015
Date of Passing: July 8th, 2016
Family: Caprice Burnett
Fans: Rick & Renee Serrano
Tribute: My Mabel, Miss Mabes, Girlfriend, Hey old woman!.......I knew when you and Hazel (Donna and Daria) came to live with me that Hazel's days might be numbered. But you, my little German tank, just plodded along through life.

I didn't think our time together would end so soon. I could only occasionally convince you to snuggle (I think it's that German gene), but I loved that curious expression on your little face, the way you staked claim to the biggest dog bed in the house, and your willingness to put up with all that was going on in our lives.

I will not forget, my little snapping turtle, the times that you damned near took off my finger when I offered a treat!! I'm gonna miss you girlfriend.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: November 28th, 2015
Date of Passing: August 11th, 2017
Family: Chuck Jines
Fans: Donna Beinfeld, Linda Pham, Melody Harper

Do any of you have just one dog? One very special companion who lives with you and you alone, where you wake up each day to the retired life wondering, "What can we explore together today?" Dear Chuck took advantage of every sunrise and showed his Georgia the world.

He shared with us, "I'm sorry, I have really bad news. My most beautiful and precious Georgia crossed to the other side this morning. She'd been suffering with problems with her right back leg for several months that only got progressively worse.

Originally it was thought it could be arthritis in the knee or possibly a cruciate ligament tear. This last week we found out it was an inoperable tumor that had compressed or somehow irritated nerves going to the right back leg. She had periods of intense pain. The pain killers worked for the most part but she couldn't walk more than 10 steps or so before the leg would hurt so much she couldn't continue.

The worse part was it had gotten to the point where it was preventing her from pooping. They tried an enema this last week but nothing came out. The vets couldn't manually unpack her since the tumor prevented access. Plus the tumor was in a spot that made it inoperable. Yesterday they gave her a shot of prednisone hoping to shrink the tumor enough that she could poop. I also gave her a prednisone pill last night. The vet said yesterday that if she wasn't able to poop by this morning, then it was time. She tried about 10 times this morning and nothing came out. She'd probably been blocked up for at least a week.

It was an incredible experience with Georgia. She was a feisty and loving companion. I miss her dearly. This morning was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have so many great photos of Georgia that it's hard to narrow them down so here are a few. I also want to thank [FFF application screener] Jen Stahel for joining me this morning and Bethany and Kelly for all their help."



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: December 1st, 2015
Date of Passing: December 4th, 2015
Family: Kelly & Andy Smisek
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Keith & Jo Zakarin, Aislinn Nichol
Tribute: We rescued 11 year old Ebo, formerly Sammy, from Riverside Shelter on December 1st, 2015.  Ebo means "Born on a Tuesday,"  #GivingTuesday to be exact! Ebo was certainly given a second chance at life the day we pulled him from the euthanasia list and given hope. He was loved by Andy and Kelly Smisek.

One thing we always do at Headquarters is kiss everyone goodnight and everyone good morning. When Andy got up to leave for work early this morning while the house was still asleep, he kissed Ebo goodbye and discovered he was no longer with us. 

We rescued 11 year old Ebo (formerly Sammy) from Riverside Shelter this Tuesday and we were prepared to show him that his life mattered and that he was not disposable, so we named him Ebo, "born on a Tuesday." Wednesday everyone did a lot of quiet decompressing while I worked, and Ebo rested on his therapeutic bed donated by the Zakarin's. He even popped to his feet a couple of times to walk to get water. Most other times he needed a big heave-ho from Andy and me to get to his feet, and then we held up his hips to walk him outside to the yard to go potty. When Cherylynn Roberts heard we were having trouble, she's an active Friend of FFF, she immediately sent me the shipping information for a HelpEmUp harness so we could escort Ebo more easily. It was overnighted to be delivered today. 

Thursday was markedly a worse day for Ebo as he appeared to have congestion and we began treatment for a URI, what dogs commonly leave the shelter with this time of year. He had no desire to stand alone, went potty a couple times on his bed (luckily we have many beds on hand), and was breathing more heavily. We chalked it up to pain and congestion, both in the initial stages of treatment, and probably too much walking while sick on Wednesday, so we let him rest. 

Both Wednesday night and last night during the night Ebo barked, and we woke attentively to bring him water and clean up any midnight messes. Last night after brushing him while he was lapping water, adjusting his head so that it was more on the bed, and kissing him between the eyes, we wandered back to bed not knowing it would be our last exchange. 

I write all of these things as I reflect how I wish I would've stayed out in the kitchen and spooned him on his bed for the rest of the night. If only I had known. The trouble is, we don't know these dogs. We had him for two days, invested a lot of hope, we knew he was absolutely beautiful and had the kindest, most grateful eyes. You know who would have seen death in his eyes? His marked change in energy and health? The meaning in his barks? His previous family. And here we are....sobbing over our dead Ebo in the kitchen, and again, in a long embrace in the driveway after lifting his body into my car. 

You know what, Ebo? You definitely deserved to be cried over. You deserved to be bathed, brushed, fed great food and treats, vetted and medicated, escorted outside like a true dog to go potty and stretch your legs, cleaned up after messes to give you dignity and comfort - and you will definitely be memorialized. I can't wait to get your HUGE paw print back! heart emoticon

San Diego Bay Animal Hospital readily accepted his body Friday morning, December 4th, 2015, when they opened and offered us lots of hugs. 

We loved you Ebo Smí, even if all us strangers could offer was hope and some dignity, I hope you knew you were worth it. 


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Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 1st, 2015
Date of Passing: July 20th, 2016
Family: Aurelle & Carl Garner
Fans: Keith & Jo Zakarin, Carlos & Kimberly Magallanes
Tribute: He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and it took him much too quickly

His mom writes in tribute:
Bennie, My sweet Bennie, My dear love,

You entered our life and our home, and made it whole. You were our missing link. You would constantly smile and remind us that life is more than struggles and work issues. Life was a smile, from someone who loved you unconditionally.

And then you got sick. And you got weak. Tonight you decided it was time to go on to your next life.

I held you tight, and I told you how much I loved you and I thanked you for choosing us. I told you how sorry I was I couldn't do more, or do things differently. You heard my voice as you were slowly fading, until you didn't hear it anymore, and until the pain was gone.

Then you felt the warmth. You could walk again and you could hear again. The whistle. And when you opened your eyes, you were painless and ageless. Except that now you carry a little of us with you, and we carry you in our hearts. I will always love you my Bennie BenBen <3 Until next time...


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Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: December 6th, 2015
Date of Passing: January 16th, 2016
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans: Patricia Gregoire, Elaine Byrnes
Tribute: We rescued 13 year old Henry (left) along with his sister Hattie (right) from Baldwin Park Shelter on December 6th, 2015. Henry had untreated diabetes and a cancerous inguinal mass the size of a softball. 

This morning his mass ruptured, his leg had terrible edema and he was yelping and panting rapidly in pain. Bloodwork showed that his kidney and liver values had skyrocketed, although his blood sugar remained managed. 

We were advised that Henry was in a significant amount of pain and that his body was only going to deteriorate more. Andy and I picked up Hattie to bring her to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital, and with the comfort of Hattie's body against him and our hands encapsulating him- we let Henry go. 

We are all just really really sad and I know we are still distraught how these two were just left behind in the shelter in such terrible condition after 13 years, when they mean SO much to us after only two months to the point we could hardly leave Henry's body. There are definitely angry tears stirred in with our devastated tears. 

We loved you so much Henry. Thank you to Kelly Marquez and Brent Wirth for taking such good care of Henry and Hattie.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: December 6th, 2015
Date of Passing: August 12th, 2016
Family: Enrique & Sarah Aguilar
Fans: Pat Gregiore, Sarah Pulvermacher & Sean Connolly
Tribute: Hattie passed away on August 12th, 2016 and she got to join her brother Henry. We rescued 13 year olds Henry and Hattie from Baldwin Park Shelter on December 6th, 2015. They both were severely neglected and had chronic untreated issues: Henry was diabetic, Hattie had Cushing's disease. They were "must haves" for us and we rescued them without fosters to live at FFF Headquarters as long as they needed to.

Hattie was the healthier happy sister who visited her brother everyday in the hospital during his treatment. They were inseparable. Just two days prior to Henry and Hattie leaving to live with Forever Fosters, Enrique and Sarah, Henry passed away. Hattie understood and laid her body across his. She had to go on without him.

We were privileged to have the Foster Coordinator of Ventura County Animal Services, Sarah Aguilar, and her husband, Enrique, step up to love Hattie in what we didn't know were her final months.

She reflects,

"Yesterday I would have told you she was slowing down but probably had a few months left. I'm very sad that this has set in so suddenly.. I feel kind of robbed of being able to give that to her. On the good side, there is no second guessing if it's time or not, so there's peace in that.

We knew this day was going to come, but we had no idea last night would be Miss Hattie' s last with us. She was up and eating, on the hunt for handouts. This morning she couldn't get her balance and wouldn't eat. As the day went on, she continued downhill. I didn't get to give her a last awesome meal, or get some really great pro photos of her at the beach. We didn't make it to the Frosted Faces gathering, but I told myself we would plan better and go next year. Just another reminder that life is short and even more so for our fuzzy friends. RIP Hattiecakes. Say hello to all our family waiting for us. You are in good hands. ‪#‎thegoatforever‬

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to care for Hattie."


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Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: December 18th, 2015
Date of Passing: August 14th, 2016
Family: Marisa Salas
Fans: Julie Kole
Tribute: My sweet beautiful Katy bug crossed the rainbow bridge today. She was such a gentle, yet strong soul. And I believe very wise. I had the honor of loving her for 8 months. In June, two more tumors were found (along with the one on her rear) and her health & quality of life have been declining. I was able to spoil her these last few days.

Yesterday we took a trip to Fiesta Island with her fur bro Jax. She LOVED it, although it took every ounce of her strength & energy. Afterward it was a picnic lunch at the park with hamburgers & vanilla milkshakes from In-N-Out. RIP my sweet bug, now you can walk, run & roll in the grass pain free.❤️

Thank you to Frosted Faces & her sponsor for rescuing her & loving her.



Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 18th, 2015
Date of Passing: March 30th, 2017
Family: David &  Leslie Denkers
Fans: Bruce & Christine Kassin, Deborah Anderson, Sydney Horner, and Pooja Teckchandani
Tribute: We rescued Henry on December 18th, 2015 from San Bernardino City Shelter. He lived with a nice family for the last year who took him on walks, to many veterinary appointments, fed him the high quality z/d food he required, he helped to pick up the kids from school, and he had several large Costco beds in the livingroom.

On February 22nd, 2017 they relinquished Henry back into our care. We really don't have that much to say about that, it was all really confusing because they took such good care of him, but one day they just decided he would be better off with someone else because he didn't seem happy with them. They truly thought they were doing him a favor. Even after some cheerleading Henry ended up back at Frosted Faces Foundation without the family he had grown to adore. They unloaded him with a van load of items, including a three tier plastic tower of medicines, shampoos, treats, toys... he could have everything, but them.

I want to add that Henry's family is not one you'd dislike. They are moreso passive and nurturing, overthinkers... You'd be more inclined to shake them and say, "You can do this, he needs you, and you're doing a great job!!" rather than, for example, want to punch them upon meeting them. It's hard to justify knowing the outcome, but I want to share this to give all of you very passionate people some perspective.

Upon his return we noted that he was seemingly insecure, overweight, and yes, unhappy. Our mission was "Happy Henry." He went on hikes, we cut back his food, he got regular medicated baths for his skin, and he had just finished a course of strong antibiotics that a culture proved would help his ear infections. For the first time in a long time Henry felt comfortable letting us pet his ears, kiss his face, and didn't tremor as we reached for him. We just recorded this video yesterday to provide the team with an update about him. The best I can say is that we wanted to show he was trusting and comfortable:

What Henry's family was likely seeing was that he was growing older and likely ill, although he did not act nor did we suspect that he was at the end of his life. Late this morning after breakfast and potty time we discovered he had found a bed and passed away during a mid-morning nap. We transported his body to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital where they will handle his remains.

This wasn't what he had in the plans for Henry, and for that, we are devastated. Our mission is family, and as I expressed my aching regrets to the team, the ever-strong Foster Coordinator Emily Elliott affirmed, "He had you guys, and all of us. He never fell through the cracks. The day he became a Frosted Face, he mattered."

Henry, everyone at Frosted Faces Foundation loved you, was invested in your well-being, and we are happy your tired body finally gets to rest.


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Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 18th, 2015
Date of Passing:
Family: Jordan Culhane
Fans: Sue King, Debbie DeLaCruz


Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: December 26th, 2015
Date of Passing: March 31st, 2017
Family: Kelly Stoner
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Leslie Smart
Tribute: We rescued Diamond on December 26th, 2015 from Lancaster Shelter after she had been surrendered by a despicable mother/daughter dump team. They turned her in to be euthanized (which LA County shelters do not do upon request) as rescuers in the lobby overheard them discuss how they had tried beating her with a board and strangling her with an electrical cord leaving her paralyzed.

She went on to live with Kelly Stoner who could not have been a better match. She fit her for a wheelchair, brought her to work in a wagon, and was excellent in providing her mental stimulation with puzzles while also giving her the dignity of spending time lounging in the sun outside and keeping her clean.

Toward the end Diamond was having more bad days than good. She couldn't hold her own weight on her front legs anymore. They still moved and she did love to take her wheelchair, for which Kelly also purchased front wheels, but she could not move her body at all. Kelly expressed her bladder and sometimes her poo. She commented that Diamond sometimes could not control her bowel movements, but they were never messy, so it was manageable. The most difficult part of making the decision as to whether euthanasia was indicated was seeing that Diamond's mind was still sharp.

Kelly reflected on Diamond's last day for us. It's real, it's heartbreaking, it's what these families endure time and time again on behalf of abandoned senior dogs, and there is no doubt in my mind Kelly will step up for another.

"She had a perfect day. It started with a freeze dried raw surf and turf breakfast and lounging on my bed which she loves because it looks out to the street. She got a nice bath and then went outside to lay in the sun. After that she got an ice cream cone and then we went for a stroll around the neighborhood in her wagon. When we got home we just laid on the couch and watch a movie. We nibbled on treat and snacks and when it was time for the pack to come out Diamond went back to my room to relax. She had either myself or Carter with her since she doesn’t like to be alone.

Our appointment for the veterinarian to arrive at the house was for 4:40, but he got delayed until 6:40, which gave us more time with her. She was starting to have labored breathing lately and she was always bloated and gassy no matter what I tried so I kind of was think she might have been having something else going on.

I had the room nice and relaxing for her with lavender candles lit so she would be calm. When the doctor did show up I was a little disappointed. He is a nice man, but his bedside manner was horrible. I held her and kissed her and of course was bawling. I wanted it to be so perfect for her and I hope she knows how much we love her. <3 It’s taken me so long to write this because I just keep crying. I miss her so much. I knew this would be short term, but it doesn’t make it hurt less.

Thank you for all that you guys do. I know everyone has gone through this and knows how I’m feeling and we just keep on doing it. Rescue one until there are none <3


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Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: December 28th, 2015
Date of Passing: March 30th, 2016
Family: Shannon Benson
Fans: Mary Parrish, Arnold Valdez, Leslie Smart
Tribute: One of Ajax's testicles, which was undescended, looked very swollen. He went in for emergency surgery at Sunnymead Animal Hospital to be neutered, but when doctors opened him up they discovered a hernia where his intestines were leaking out of and being pinched causing dead tissues. They resected his intestines, removed his undescended testicle and repaired the hernia. His outside testicle looked enlarged because he had another hernia into his scrotum. Doctors also repaired that hernia and removed that testicle. Then we waited. Ajax was held by his mom and kept warm as he recovered. We transferred him to an Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands for post operative care and around 10:30pm he passed away.

We have replayed this in our heads. What if we had repaired this upon rescue in December? Would it have been a simple hernia repair and neuter? We couldn't. From the outside he looked like a classic unneutered dog with an undescended testicle. His WBC count was 45,000 and when rechecked a month later it was 18,000. With imperfect labs and at Ajax's age, he was a happy little pup and we decided not to mess around. Yesterday we had no choice and his mom said he was happy as ever, so we took the risk to give him a chance. We find comfort in knowing that Ajaxgot three more months he never may have had.

Ajax was brought into Riverside Shelter as a stray on December 21st, 2015. He was eligible to be euthanized for medical concerns and lack of adoptability on December 26th, and on December 28th we were able to rescue him because Shannon Benson stepped up to be his Forever Foster Family. He was always with her and her daughter, Brooklyn. Shannon reflects, "I'm so lost without him waddling behind me. I love him so much."



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: December 30th, 2015
Date of Passing: May 12th, 2019
Family: Edward Holland
Fans: Tami Cross, Karol Elwood, Debbie Ray, Rachel Parsley, Cindy White
Tribute: On Sunday, May 12th, we fulfilled our promise to Bella, formerly known as Chiquis/Cheeky.

Recall that upon rescue she needed a TECABO on both ears because of such terrible infection. When dad to the late Frosted Face Otis said he would be Bella's dad too, we were ecstatic and got her all of the way up to Washington for her to live her best life!

"It’s with great sadness and broken heart 💔 that we had to let Bella go on Sunday. She was stubborn to the end, just like you’d expect from Her Royal Queeny 👑. I’m sure she is in doggy heaven being the Rock Star, just like she was here with us. The house is just not the same without her Thunderous Snoring and “What Do You Want” glare. We are so very grateful for the 3 years we had with her. Here are some of the 500+ photos of Bella I found on my phone to remember her."

Baby Boo

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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: January 2nd, 2016
Date of Passing: September 12th, 2016
Family: Rachel Labbe Bellas
Fans: Shelley Wheelock
Tribute: Baby was diagnosed with a splenic mass that had metastasized inside and out, in addition to having non-regenerative anemia. She was given the poor prognosis that she had an estimated 4-8 months left alive. We could not justify surgery, so she needed to live a full life until the mass ruptured. At the same time we also discovered she was poorly socialized with animals so the family we had intended to place her with to live to live out her days could no longer take her.

Dogs like Baby Boo could be euthanized prematurely, kept in boarding because they have inconvenient socialization needs, or placed with a family who would separate them from the other family dogs and action. Baby Boo would not be left behind. Frosted Faces Foundation was incorporated to implement creative solutions, and hence, the Molly & Me Project was not only born by Baby Boo's circumstance, but the bar was set by her incredible Forever Foster, Rachel. 

Baby Boo went on to live a rich 8 1/2 months in the care of Rachel Labbe Bellas. When we first dropped Baby Boo off with Rachel, she cried in our presence wondering how she could lose her if she fell in love. You never know until you sacrifice yourself, and this is how she loved and lost dear, Baby Boo:

"Here goes...Last night I let you go, but we are together and forever connected in our hearts. You gave me strength to move forward and be alone and brave since January. You were an amazing sidekick. You taught me patience and how to listen and how to be in the moment again.

Yesterday, you woke up doing your baby wine, sat right between my legs as I did my morning pee, and you came to work with me. Stayed by my side all day, then you got your favourite back seat car ride, and even got to watch Netflix with me on the couch. You and I had our last evening walk together and you made me so proud when you made your last perfect poop. You were so tired and you lay down right after. I knew when you turned down Bacon that something was wrong. Canadians love bacon.

You waited for me to return from my 3 week trip. You had fluid in your cavity and you were struggling to breathe. We said goodbye last night, but our journey was what mattered.

I rescued you 9 months ago. You were boney, 15 pounds lighter and had maybe 2 months to live with your arthritis and cancer and splenic tumor. You surpassed all of that and enjoyed life. You gained strength and got to explore the world. You saw snow, came camping, and went to surf and wine taste in Mexico. You won over my family and friends' hearts. You were such such such and are always going to be a beautiful soul in my life. I love you always Baby Boo."

Rachel recognized that Baby Boo's spleen ruptured last night, just as we had prepared her for, and she rushed her to Pet Emergency & Specialty Center where we let her go.


Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 11th, 2016
Date of Passing: September 27th, 2018
Family: Mark & Tanya Rhoades
Fans: Jean Uhen, Nancy Semrow
Tribute: On Thursday, September 27th, we fulfilled our promise to 12 year old Eros.

We rescued Eros from Bonita Shelter on January 11th, 2016 after he had been found as a stray. He was not expected to be long for this world and yet love bought him years!

"Wow I am still in shock. On Wednesday I was considering making that quality of life choice we all end up having to make. Trying to put everything into perspective. Am I doing this for me? Am I doing this for him? Am I being selfish for keeping around longer? Am I being selfish for letting him go when he is still eating, drink, peeing, and pooping regular. But at the same time, I could see his frustration in him not being able to do the things he used to be able to do. Most importantly his mobility. I decided I would make my decision this weekend.

Well Eros had other things in mind. My grumpy old man wasn’t leaving the decision up to me or anyone else. On Thursday I got home from work about 11am. Checked on him, made sure he was okay, took him outside, etc. After taking care of him and the other animals I took a nap. When I got up around 2pm I went to check on him and he had passed away.

Words truly can not express how we feel. Our world has been turned upside down. There is this void in our lives and it is EROS. Considering when we picked him on Sunday January 17, 2016 with the expectation of him only being with us a couple months. This last two and a half plus years has been such a gift to have him in our lives. I want to thank Frosted Faces for allowing us to be his family. And I want to thank all of you for opening up your hearts to these amazing senior animals. This truly is a family of incredible people. EROS we love you and miss you. Until we meet again on the other side run free old man."

Thank you to Mark and Tanya Rhoades for making tiny Eros feel welcome into your pittie pack. The photos are evidence of how much you loved him! Thank you to Nancy Semrow and Jean Uhen for being Eros's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 14th, 2016
Date of Passing: February 8th, 2016
Family: Glenn & Susan Stafford
Fans: Lisa Switzer


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Acquired from: Moreno Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: January 15th, 2016
Date of Passing: January 17th, 2019
Family: Melissa Pendleton
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Judith Ann Johnson
Tribute: On Thursday, January 17th, we fulfilled our promise to 18 year old Steel, just two days after his Frostiversary.

Melissa saw Steel's intake photo on a Facebook thread for Moreno Valley Shelter. His body score was a 1 out of 9, he was diabetic, and scheduled for euthanasia. Melissa also lives in Pennsylvania! Talk about putting love into action, this crazy person called Frosted Faces Foundation and said she would come to get him if we rescued him from the shelter. Knowing emotion gets the best of rationale, we drilled Melissa, did an in person home inspection, and even made her give us a $250 "deposit" to help guarantee her follow through.

Melissa kept her promise to Steel and showed up in California. We aren't talking about a world traveler here. We are talking about a young woman who had never even been to the West Coast flying all these miles for a dog she had never met. ...She even said we could keep the deposit.

"I have been running through everything from the beginning. It was simply fate that brought me and Steel together. Nothing else can simply explain it . Even my mother was so against me going after I mentioned it to her I literally didn’t even tell her I was going to pick my baby up. I just went . I have literally been preparing myself for his passing since day one but nothing could have really prepared me. We were close , he was so perfect and a piece of me is literally missing now. I haven’t felt the same.

There is not a soul that knew me that didn’t know Steel and how much I love him . His face is now even tattooed on me! Helping to save his life is literally the proudest moment of my life . If I did any good on earth , it was helping him. And looking back , I didn’t even realize how much time I literally spent everyday just trying to keep him healthy . Now that he isn’t here, there’s a huge gap in my schedule I don’t even know what to do with and it all seems off. Even my youngest dog Dwight took his passing so badly and that isn’t something I even expected to have to deal with.

I expected a decline in health. He was at the vet the day before he died in the best shape I’ve ever had him. He gained two pound since November . I jumped for joy at the vet when I read the scale. We were thriving. I said that night thinking that we might just make it to 19 year old. I was so angry that he passed away on my birthday. Of all the days, I felt like I was being punished. I see now though that he couldn’t have done it on a better day. I think he knew it would completely change me. Even the reiki person we went to touched on the fact that me and him were so connected and I firmly believe he was truly meant for me and vice versa. As much as he came into my life with a bang, did I really expect him not to go out with one?

He really gave me the greatest gift he could by letting me be able to celebrate on the day that he died for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His death has effected so many people from California to Florida to Pennsylvania . So many tears have shed and it just goes to show you how much he meant to so many people . He truly was as touch as steel. He was fighter. He taught me so much in going after what you want and I’ll never forget that.

I can truly say this is just the end of the beginning. Although saving his life was such a big deal, and it’ll be so hard to top that, but I know Steel would love for his life to grow into more. I just truly miss him so much . He was the cutest, smartest, most stubborn dog I’ve ever met."

We are so proud to know an incredible person like Melissa. Her actions are a testament to this quotation, "Saving one dog may not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."


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Acquired from: East Valley Los Angeles Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 17
Date of Rescue: January 19th, 2016
Date of Passing: April 12th, 2016
Family: Kaitlyn Rice & John Shealy
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Itzel Pichardo, Martha Perez, Margarita Chase
Tribute: My sweet, sweet Tiger. You have changed my life in more ways than you know. 12 weeks ago today, I picked you up from the shelter where your owners had left you a few days before. The shelter vet said you should have been put to sleep then, but it wasn't your time. Not yet. You needed to know what it was to be part of a family, to be loved, and to know love.

Initially, it was believed that you couldn't walk, see, or hear. You walked out of the shelter on your own that day, you walked beside me and you looked at me when I called your name. Like many animals, you shut down when you found yourself scared and alone in the shelter, but you thrived outside of those doors. We drove to Orange County to meet a volunteer who would then take you to Kelly & Andy in San Diego so you could see a vet and spend time with them. The next Saturday night, John & I drove down to San Diego and brought you home.

Our little family grew that night. We loved you so much the second you got here… all 7 of us. Even Masey, and that says a lot. We weren’t sure how much time we had with you, so we slowed down to enjoy all of the little moments and celebrated your “Weekaversary” every Sunday.

Over the next few weeks you transformed before our eyes. You loved to eat and started put on weight, your mobility improved & you followed me everywhere I went, to a fault, and sometimes we'd trip over each other. You were my shadow. Then, one day, you weren’t there when I turned around. Your little legs were tired, so I helped you walk. You would only walk once more after that day.

I had planned to be in Mexico for my 30th birthday, but something told me not to go, so we rented a house, rented a SUV, piled our little family in & headed to the desert. It was your first family vacation & you loved every second of it. We spent the days by the pool soaking up the sun and the nights on the patio watching the stars. You took your last steps in Palm Springs.

When we got back to LA, I knew you weren’t feeling well. Your little body was so tired, but your mind was still active. You watched me everywhere I went; even though you couldn’t follow me and you would eat every bite of food we brought you... you loved to eat. I told you about heaven, how you have a family there too and how you would be able to run & play again.

I told you to let me know when you were ready & I trusted you would. I prayed every day that you would walk again. We had just gotten a new medicine & supplements when I found the lump in your mouth. The tumor was already the size of a gum ball. My heart broke. I knew you wouldn’t walk again and I knew I needed to hold you tight. We had a good weekend.

When I left for work on Monday, you looked so tired & you wouldn’t eat your breakfast, but you licked my fingers to assure me you were ok. When your sitter, Candace, called me at lunch to let me know you hadn’t eaten again, I knew I needed to come home early to be with you. When I got home, you lifted your head to say hi, but your body was so weak, your eyes were so tired. You told me you were ready.

I laid with you all night, holding you close. I told you about heaven again. I told you that my dad is there & will take good care of you. I told you about all of your brothers & sisters who will show you the ropes. I asked you to watch over us & find us when we get there. I never had the pleasure of knowing you when you were younger, but something tells me you were mischievous pup full of spunk & energy. I can’t wait to see you run and play, sweet boy.

I made a promise 12 weeks ago and today, I fulfilled that promise. My heart is broken, but I’m at peace knowing you’re in a better place. You didn’t leave this world alone and scared in a shelter. You left with a family, you were loved and you knew love. You now have wings, my love, fly high. I love you always, sweet Tiger. Until we meet again..  "


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: January 22nd, 2016
Date of Passing:
Family: Monique Karlen
Fans: Susan Jamme, Jennifer Bennink, Susan Thomas, Protohype


download (5).jpg

Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services-Central
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: January 23rd, 2016
Date of Passing: March 5th, 2017
Family: Anthony & Mary Savoia
Fans: Judith Johnson, Victoria Conway
Tribute: Renee Crawford

Misty did not make it through the night after surgery to repair a perforated intestines, and somehow we are forced to muster the words, we fulfilled our promise to Misty on March 5th, 2017

We gave it one hell of a go, and Misty was such a brave strong girl, but Dr. VanMaele suspects her body simply succumbed to the infection from which we still do not know the cause. The biopsy of her intestinal tissue will be back in a couple of days

Misty was 9 years old and we rescued her from County of San Diego Department of Animal Services on January 23rd, 2016.

Her mom, Mary, wrote a beautiful tribute.

"I never had a dog growing up. We were cat people. Dogs were too much work. All my life we've had cats. Lots of cats. I'm kind of known as the crazy cat lady in my circles. But, about 10 years ago, Anthony and I decided we wanted to start fostering dogs. We thought fostering is a temporary thing, that should be easier. Over the years we've fostered 30+ dogs. It was never easy. Never, until Misty came along.

We'd been temporary fostering for Frosted Faces Foundation for about a year. Kelly knew we were interested in finding a "pocket pittie" to call our very own forever foster. She suggested Misty. When we met Misty at the shelter, I wasn't so sure that this was the right match. She was so terrified, she wouldn't even let us pet her. But, I remember taking that walk through the shelter, one of the staff was walking Misty in front of us and Misty kept looking back at us. I could tell she was scared, but oh how she wanted somebody to please. Her fear was starting to effect her health and we knew her time at the shelter was short. We decided she deserved a chance. Misty had been at our house for probably an hour when I knew. She seamlessly fit into our family and I knew she was meant to be with us. She, too, knew she was home. Her fears melted away, she fell head over heals in love with us and we couldn't believe how lucky we were to find her. I remember telling Kelly, "We hit the jackpot!"

That was only 13 months ago. In that time, with help from lots of friends and family, Misty was starting to warm up to strangers. Everybody fell in love with her, they could tell just how sweet she was even though she gave them the cold shoulder. It just made it that much more special when she gave them that rare kiss on the hand. But, here at home, with her family, the kisses and wags never stopped. She even loved the cats. And she never had any issues sharing her home with the seemingly endless stream of foster dogs that came and went.

Misty was only 9. Her death today came very unexpectedly and frankly, we're still in shock that she's gone. I was expecting her to comfort me as we watched our youngest head off to college. Now she won't even see him graduate middle school. We'll miss her silly grin and her squishy face. We'll miss the way her whole body shook when her tail wagged. We'll miss her running to the door to meet us, feverishly searching for a toy to offer us in a game of tug-of-war. We'll miss her snoring in beat with her daddy. We'll miss her bursting with joy every time we hit the sand on Fiesta Island. We'll miss her sticking her head out the car window, just to breathe it all in. We'll miss her endless, sloppy kisses. We'll miss the way she jumped up from a deep sleep whenever she heard the word "walk". We'll miss her unwavering love and devotion.

It's really tough losing a dog. But, loving her was so easy. We hit the jackpot.

We love you, Misty Moo 💕"

I can't believe I am writing this.... How do you rally this hard and not get the outcome everyone wants and deserves?


download (6).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2016
Date of Passing: April 23rd, 2016
Family: Mike & Julie Strassner
Fans: Karen Bisogno
Tribute: Today was the hardest day on my family. This morning we knew it was time for our little old man, to cross the rainbow bridge. He has been struggling the past 3 weeks and we kept trying everything the doctor and the FFF Advisers said for us to try. We would notice a few improvements and would be encouraged, but they were short lived and followed by more down hill.

We didn't want to say it was time because his adorable look and eyes would melt our hearts everytime when we saw him. We loved our furless boy who would move in his own unique way.

We started this amazing journey thinking we would love our Frosted Face and bring him into the family, but would be ok when it was his time to go. We were only here to show him his life mattered and he was loved and part of a family he could call his own. ....I had a feeling it was not going to be that easy.

We went to the shelter to meet Ollie and sent him off to Headquarters with his driver. We missed him on our ride home and could not wait to bring him home. We ended up falling in love with his lack of hair and strange odor. His funny walk which made him look like Bambi had even our 1 1/2 yr old picking him up on a regular basis until we found our magic elf shoes.

His eyes and ears were my favorite thing. He could not hear us or his fur brothers (he was deaf), but we would get a look if he saw us coming that was just so curious. His favorite thing besides eating was just to roam around the house and backyard, he would just walk for a very long time. As you can tell he became much more than a Frosted Face we would love and care for. He became ours. He might not have been the cuddliest and affectionate dog, but his eyes told us so much more.

Last night he got rotisserie chicken and this morning he finally got to have his chocolate chip pancakes he has longed for each morning the kids eat them.

The crying will stop one day but our love and memories never will. Thank you for letting us love and be loved by Ollie.

When the time is right for us to open our hearts again we would be honored to have a Frosted Face.

Thank you
Julie Mike Brooke Ethan and Mason
(Dash, Desi and Dora his fur brothers and sister)"



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2016
Date of Passing: February 17th, 2018
Family: Stacey Starks
Fans: Pat Gregiore, Elaine Byrnes
Tribute: On the evening of Saturday, February 17th, Lily passed away at the age of 14 years old.

We rescued Lily, formerly Shakeys, on January 28th, 2016 from Baldwin Park Shelter. On Saturday evening she went to the ER with a terrible cough that had progressively gotten worse just over a few hours. The vet let us know her lungs were full of fluid and she was coughing up blood. Her prognosis was grave and euthanasia was recommended immediately.

Her mom shares, "Fly Free, My Little Lily

It happened so unexpectedly. I thought it'd be an easy fix and you'd come home. I can't believe you're not here anymore.

Thank you for coming into our lives, Lil Lils. What a blessing you have been. You fit right in from day one. My big dogs didn't frighten you, but instead you just played big dog yourself. You used the doggy door like you've been doing it all your life, even though you're blind! You maneuvered around the house as if you've been here all your life. Truly amazing dog you are.

I'll miss your strut, you always held your head high and pranced like a princess. So many memories are flooding back to me. Like when you first came to us, you were thin and couldn't walk with the girls and I. It's not that you didn't want to, you just didn't have any muscle tone. A friend donated a doggy stroller which you didn't seem to appreciate. You kept wanting to get out and join the big girls. Eventually I relented and when you grew tired, back in the stroller you'd go. Over time, you filled out with good nutrition and started to gain muscle tone, allowing you to walk longer and longer. Girl, you had some sexy little thighs; they looked better than mine! It didn't take long before you were easily able to do 1 1/2 hour walks with energy to spare. I admired you so.

Oh how I'll miss something you started: before walks, if I was taking too long, you'd start barking, and in turn Gracie would start, and then Bella. You were soooo proud of yourself. The leader of the barking chorus, but it made me laugh every time. Your happy face at what you started cracked me up.

Lils, you and Mama kitty were the only ones who joined me on the couch, and I'm going to ache to have you sit next to me partially in my lap with your head pressed hard against my chest demanding I rub your face and ears. Oh how I will miss those bonding times come evenings. I loved to hold your face with both hands and rub your ears, and I think you loved it too!

I will miss having you greeting me first thing in the morning. You'd hear the alarm and I'd hear your creaky bones get up, walk to my side of the bed, and put your paws up on the mattress for head rubs. So many rituals you and I had that are wonderful memories, but also leave a great big void: it's always hardest being the one left behind.

I know you're happy, pain-free, AND YOU CAN SEE NOW! Now you can see us! Are we everything you thought when you could only use your sniffer to make out who we were? You were and are our everything, Lily. Be free. Be happy. I'm so glad you knew love, because you were VERY loved.

Thank you Frosted Faces, for allowing me the honor of being her foster mommy. Thank you to her fans Pat Gregoire and Elaine Byrnes.

The pain is endless and gut-wrenching, but the memories and love make it all worth it. <3"

Thank you to Stacey Starks, an ever accommodating, diligent mom to her babies. She always slows down and takes the time, a lesson to all of us. xo



download (7).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2016
Date of Passing:
Family: Frosted Faces Foundation
Fans: Andrea Jennings, Trisha Snyder



Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: January 29th, 2016
Date of Passing: February 8th, 2016
Family: Tom Urban & Diane Malecha
Fans: Karine Wagner
Tribute: It came as a shock after we had seen him barking up a storm at Headquarters, even mounting little Hopey with his tiny body, and finally eating to his heart's content in his new home. He suddenly would not eat, and it was like all of the life we had restored was sucked out of him just as quickly as we breathed it in. Mr. Atticus Bojangles' mom called in complete devastation, almost as if we were listening to someone literally ripping her heart out, to let us know something wasn't right and that she was on the way to the vet. Doctors at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital confirmed that he was nearly gone, and they helped him pass in an effort to eliminate suffering.

His Forever Foster writes:
"FFF gave both Atticus (Mr. Bojangles) and I the chance to share life for a week. The little guy was starved, full of flea bitten and weather exposed skin, and alone. He let me spoil him, cook for him, clean him, kiss him, love him and not leave his side. He went from sleeping curled up so tight in a ball to keep warm that it gave him a hump in his back, to stretched out on a heated bed with miles of fluff. He went over the Rainbow knowing that a whole lot of people loved him and he was safe now. He has a piece of my heart always and forever."


Acquired from: Hope for Paws
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 30th, 2016
Date of Passing: January 12th, 2019
Family: Cory & Kristina Poudrier
Fans: Susan Vermett, Sandra Buechner
Tribute: On January 12th, 2019, we fulfilled our promise to 12 year old Turk.

Turk was hospitalized a few weeks ago with what looked like a giant abscessed bite of some kind on his mouth that had swollen suddenly. Just a week later the same thing happened to his leg. We tested one of his lymph nodes to learn that he had lymphoma and the discomfort in his foot was so great that we had to let him go.

Turk came to us through Hope for Paws. They received a call from a concerned neighbor who told them Turk was tied to a tree for the past 10 years, and that the Sheriff showed up at the house where he was kept in horrible conditions, and ordered the people to allow the dog into the house (it is against the law to tie your dog for more than 3 hours here in California).

The concerned neighbor begged the owners to relinquish the dog to Hope For Paws, and late at night Eldad drove to South Central L.A, and picked up our boy! Eldad noted,"Turk smelled like a dead animal... I could barely breathe the whole drive to the hospital. At the hospital we needed 4 hours to clean him up and wash away 10 years of filth. We then had to start medical treatment, remove a painful tumor, and in just a few days, Turk became a really happy dog."

Turk's family shares,
"Oh does one even begin to write about a loss that leaves a Turk sized hole in your heart?

Turk was our introduction to so many things we grew to know and love - senior dogs, Newfies, and of course, Frosted Faces Foundation. For just shy of 3 years we had the amazing opportunity to get to know our big guy and have him be an integral part of our family. Even though our big bear was more of a cowardly lion (literally scared of walking outside in the dark or the rain), we loved him fiercely and were so so lucky to have been able to call him our own. We will miss the days where he would just lounge in the pool, we’ll miss having to make sure our food wasn’t at the edge of the counter because he loved counter surfing, and most of all, we’ll miss him having no idea how big he was and always wanting to cuddle you as if he were a toy-sized dog."

In the last three weeks of Turk's life Cory and Tina were solution-driven and lovingly optimistic. When Dr. Lantrip mentioned that Turk wasn't walking anymore, the team was astounded that we had not received one complaint about lugging a 150-lb dog out to go potty- or on a family vacation to the snow, no less. Those last three weeks were the epitome of everything we have come to know and love about Cory and Tina.


download (9).jpg

Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: February 11th, 2016
Date of Passing: January 10th, 2017
Family: Donna Cooper
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Victoria Minetta
Tribute: 11 year old Lottie was rescued from Riverside Shelter on February 11th, 2016 in a hurry because she was scheduled for euthanasia. We rescued her without a Forever Foster in place and she warmed a spot at Frosted Faces Foundation. That immediately meant she was everyone's to love, and we know how all of the other FFF families adored updates about her.

Donna Cooper applied for a Frosted Face in the best way one can-with no expectations. She was ready to love on any senior dog needing a home and Lottie was her girl.

Lottie was doomed from the start, with abnormal bloodwork, a mass in her abdomen and on her hind end. We noticed some scabs near her eyes and arms, but chalked it up to be a bacterial infection. We never imagined the severity or care it could amount to.

Poor Lottie was finally correctly diagnosed by County Line Animal Hospital with calcinosis cutis, who we owe many thanks to for seeing her weekly for months at a steeply discounted rate. While we battled what seemed to be never ending battle, Lottie also developed heart failure, a very large mass on her belly that ruptured, and severe arthritis. Which new diagnosis indicates one is to say "enough is enough?"

This is where Donna comes in. Donna dedicated weeks to getting Lottie to vet appointments. She saw the life in Lottie, and battled with her. She never gave up on her walks. Whenever asked how Lottie was doing, Donna always referenced the pace of Lottie's daily walk, how much she slept in her cozy bed, and how much she was eating. Not a lot of dogs get this opportunity to thrive, nor do they get daily walks! Donna took the time with Lottie. How often can we say that about anything in the fast paced world?
Lottie opening presents:

Yesterday, Dr. Mazzi told us it was time. Lottie struggled to walk, while her heart medication managed her CHF, her skin was flaring up again, and the mass on her tummy had grown and was ready to burst again. Lottie was still bright, and that makes the gift of euthanasia oftentimes a small burden to make that final decision. 
Lottie's last meal:

Donna said, "I held her to the end. She remained her sweet self the whole way, continuously nudging my hand for more pets should I pause for a moment. It was as if she knew, and was telling me it was alright."

Smile brightly, Lottie. No more pain.



Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: February 23rd, 2016
Date of Passing: May 2017
Family: Michael & Christa Allen
Tribute: Delores was one of the lucky ones. Delores was brought in as a stray to Devore Shelter and waited out her stray hold where no one claimed her. We rescued Delores the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized for lack of adoptability. She was not microchipped and was not wearing a collar.

Four days later we received a call from Devore Shelter that her owner had come forward and Delores' real name was Leah. The shelter said we were not obligated to contact them because we were the new legal owners, but offered us their contact information. We did what we thought was right, and reached out to them to have a conversation. They think that Leah escaped when the kids were getting their bikes out of the yard and they desperately wanted 16 year old Leah back because they had raised her since she was a puppy!

The family filled out our Family Application and was home checked by FFF Friend, Emily Elliott. All was approved last night, so everyone took the day off of work and school to drive down to San Diego to pick up Leah this morning.

Leah is now chipped to both FFF and the family name so that we can come to her rescue should she ever be lost again, and she has a new ID tag and collar. The family reimbursed us for the veterinary expenses incurred during Leah's initial screenings and signed an adoption contract. Everyone was incredibly grateful that Leah was still alive and that they were reunited.

We owe thanks to Leah's Forever Foster, Tina Wright, for being so flexible and loving during these circumstances. She is ready for her next Frosted Face!

We are so happy we were able to change Leah's fate and responsibly return her to her caring family! <3


download (10).jpg

Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: February 26th, 2016
Date of Passing: May 13th, 2018
Family: Holly Walthers
Fans: Elaine Byrnes, Raquel Baehl
Tribute: On Sunday, May 13th, Fargo passed away suddenly at the age of 10 years old.

We rescued Fargo from OC Shelter on February 26th, 2016 after he had been surrendered two different times! Holly Walthers of Leo Puppy Mill Survivor spotted him and said he should never have to be disposable again!

She writes, "Our hearts are absolutely broken with the passing of our boy Fargo. He joined our team back in March 2016 as a Frosted Faces Foundation forever foster. I just happened to see him on a networking post after the death of his family and he was in Orange County Animal Shelter on death row. He immediately reminded me of our former team member Farside. He had that same hefty physique and charisma in his eyes.

After working with Frosted Faces in California with our Ty-Man I knew they would help me get Fargo in their senior program. Thankfully they did. Our friend Pilot Dan flew him to us and he has been a loved Team Leo member ever since.

When he first joined us he was not a fan of other dogs being too close and by the time of his passing he could not sleep without at least 2 other littles on top of him. He enjoyed hiking the mountains and was a joy around all people. However his number one job was protector of the kibble can at Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging. He even perfected a dinner dance to get all the littles excited for meal time. He could catch a treat in his mouth faster than any other dog. He kept watch and never ever missed a meal until this past Sunday morning.

Unfortunately all his years of being extra heavy did damage to his heart. He went downhill very quickly and passed on his own with all the littles on top of him as always. He had a couple of deep breaths and was gone.

He was such a happy guy that his energy is already missed. Thank you Fargo for letting us be a part of your journey. We are better because of you.

Forever in our hearts Fargo!"

Thank you to Holly Walthers for volunteering to share your home with dogs who never could have imagined that natural beauty, but truly deserve it. Thank you to Elaine Byrnes and Raquel Baehl for being his dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.



download (11).jpg

Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: February 26th, 2016
Date of Passing: December 5th, 2017
Family: Dorothy Millikan
Fans: Judith Johnson
Tribute: We rescued Munchie on February 26th, 2015 as his owner was surrendering him to OC Animal Care because his mother kept tripping on him with her walker.

After being returned by two fosters, we now appreciate that everything happens for a reason because Munchie ended up being the loyal companion to 96 year old, Dorothy. He was, figuratively, the light of her life. She reminisced how he would follow her into each room, and she swears he knew English because he always did EXACTLY what she said. He was loyally at her feet at every moment, did a "poop dance" in the back yard, and had little stairs up to her couch in the den for the evening news. She explained how Munchie liked to sleep in and easily did because his hearing was poor. He knew right where to meet her for breakfast in the kitchen, and they ate side by side.

There is undoubtedly a great void in Dorothy's heart and home now, and her kids and volunteers have been visiting all week to keep her company. She clearly stated that no dog could compare to Munchie, so she is not sure she could ever have a dog again... unless we found one exactly like him.

We owe thanks to John & Mary Jo Ball and Chuck & Carol J Schmitt for frequently visiting Dorothy and Munchie. They transported him to vet visits, took photos, escorted him on walks, and visited with Dorothy. 


download (12).jpg

Acquired from: San Diego Animal Shelter- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: February 28th, 2016
Date of Passing: September 3rd, 2018
Family: Christine & Dominic Castiglioni
Fans: Isabel Rosser
Tribute: We rescued Fiona, formerly Nana, from Bonita Shelter on February 28th, 2016 after she entered the shelter as a stray. With unlimited resources, there was not one more medical miracle or any amount of love that could have bought Fiona more quality time. On Monday, September 3rd, we fulfilled our promise to 13 year old Fiona.

"We said goodbye to our baby girl. Fiona's little body was giving out by degrees. It would be easier to list what wasn't wrong with her. The combination of neuropathy, arthritis, and internal complications were just too much. She could not really get around anymore, let alone 'dog.' She could not go on walks or play with toys. She would not eat unless it was the kind of doggy delicacy that made her sick later. She was more existing than living, so we set her free.

But before that she LIVED. She ran and hiked and played. Her favorite thing was just to be with her people. Her sassy personality shined through in everything she did. She was unapologetically herself. She was never afraid to tell you how she felt. Sometimes loudly. I will never forget the way she would bark like mad when guests came into "her" house, only to sadly standby and wistfully watch as her new friends left at the end of the party. She also had her own style when it came to scaring delivery people and handymen. I will have to make my own excuses to sales folks now.

We've never had a braver dog, especially when it came to bearing without complaint the withering away of her strength and coordination. She would face every new challenge with a quiet stoicism and just learn to adapt. She did not even want help in the beginning. She learned to accept being assisted, then lifted, then carried.

The best thing we ever did for her was acupuncture. Dr. Jon Enyart at Healing Hands Acupuncture added at least a year to Fiona's life with his careful ministrations. In the end though, there was nothing else traditional medicine, holistic medicine, or love could do for her, except to let her go.

Fiona and the rest of our family got to spend the long weekend together. We went on a long drive, including through Mission Trails and other places where the smells through the open window were good. We got In n Out. Fiona ate the biggest bone she'd probably ever seen. Dr. Jon, who cared for her all that time, came to the house and helped us say goodbye today.

I want to thank Frosted Faces for all their support, as well as Dr. Jon, San Diego Bay Animal Hospital, College Animal Hospital. I have to thank my boss for not complaining about all the appointments, and for letting me work from home these last few weeks to help Fiona get around when she could not do it herself anymore. And I want to thank each of our friends and Facebookers that let Fiona into their hearts and loved her too. I know you will miss her along with us. <3"

Thank you to Dominic and Christine Castiglioni for loving Fiona with every last drop of your sweat and tears. Thank you to Isabel Rosser for being Fiona's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.


download (13).jpg

Acquired from: German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: February 29th, 2016
Date of Passing: July 24th, 2017
Family: Tom Urban & Diane Malecha
Fans: Carlos & Kimberly Magallanes, Gail Rose
Tribute: Thank you to everyone who made the last 18 months of 'Violette’s' life beautiful.

Thank you Kelly for taking that guy’s call about a dog who had been left at a boarding facility for over 2 years who was living outside, with no companions, and was literally rotting to death. At the time her medical record read “morbidly obese”. We think she is about 16 or 17 now.

Thank you to FFF for arranging a foster for her, financing her vet bills, checking on her, reading all my “S.O.S.” emails, and for loving her.

Thanks to the healing hands of Dr. Lisa at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital who kept her healthy and pain free. When she arrived every tooth in her mouth was rotted to the bone and had to be removed. She had massive urinary tract infection, ear infection, skin infection.

Thanks to her Secret Santa who sent outfits, treats and food. She had a wonderful Christmas (photo attached).

Thank you to my sister Sue (who is a FFF fan) for her gifts and love and support.

Thank you to my husband who loved her as I did and spent the last month carrying the Big Girl in and outside and cleaning up after her in the house (as became incontinent).

It took the Ole Girl about a month to 'settle in'. We called her the Princess and the Pea because I must have provided about 7 different sleeping scenarios for her and she settled on sleeping right next to me on the side of the bed in an oversized memory foam bed with soft padding for every part of her body (photo attached).

Over time it went from us taking care of her to her taking care of us. She kept our multiple dogs AND the cat in check – snapping at them as they walked past her just as a little reminder to 'keep it down' which is what I’m sure she was telling them. When it was dinner time she stood staring out the back door – which was code for 'it's time to eat' …..hey we figured it out!

She loved her walks, she loved the park, she loved sunning herself, and she LOVED her meals….she would hop up and down and bark with excitement the whole time I was preparing the meals for all the dogs.

I tried to kiss her from the very beginning and was met with a snap in the nose (she didn’t have any teeth!) but after about a year or more when I went to kiss her nose she let me….just like that - she decided she would like a little sugar after all. And every day after we kissed. Even her nose turned heart-shaped (see photo attached).

Violette was completely healthy and pain free for most of her 18 months. About 6 weeks ago she hurt her back and a trip to Dr. Lisa kept her walking and pain free until the last few weeks she just started to go downhill….. to the last few days she was barely conscience of where she was. She couldn’t find her bed, the water bowl, her food bowl…..she was on her way over the rainbow. Dr. Lisa came to the house last night, and in the comfort of Violette’s home, in her bed she loved so much, she went to sleep.

If there is a word more than love….that’s what I would use to describe my feelings towards this girl. I am honored and grateful to have her in our lives for 18 months.

Violette came to us March 1, 2016 ~ July 24, 2017.
We had 18 glorious months together.
Violette's dad even wrote a tribute!
"I believe Violette had a great stay with us and loved her new home. She was a member of our family and she knew she was loved and cared for daily. I know Diane and I both miss her terribly, but are comforted by knowing she REALLY had a great 18 months here at the beach.

No matter how much work was required to clean and care for Violette, Diane was always the loving, nonjudgmental "mom" Violette so looked forward to seeing each day of her stay here. It is with great awe that I watch my wife being of service to the dogs we care for, and am all the more grateful for the dedication and love she provides us all.

RIP, Violette.... see you over the Rainbow.
Love always..."


download (14).jpg

Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 3rd, 2016
Date of Passing: July 23rd, 2016
Family: Denise Mendonca & Rob Bailey
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Trina Snow
Tribute: Our precious Shasta crossed the rainbow bridge last night. Her little body had so many things going on, but that didn’t stop her from being the sweet, funny, happy little girl who added so much to our lives these past months. She and I bonded so much more than I ever expected; she spent every day in my office while I worked, and every night she plopped over on the bed next to me in the funny way only she could and held out her paw for me to take. Every moment was special to me and I will keep them in my heart forever.

Our dog walk this morning was a flood of memories and reminders ofShasta – here’s where she liked to get her business out of the way, here’s where she sped up because she knew the bunnies hung out just past that bush, here’s where she was always nervous when the sprinklers were on, here’s where we all slowed down when her little stiff legs got tired…we took the walk with leashes in one hand and tissues in the other. But we realized that she’s across the bridge now, and her legs aren’t tired, and her back isn’t sore, and sprinklers aren’t scary and she can chase all the bunnies she wants forever and ever. So, sweet girl, you run with the bunnies now, and with all the frosted faces already there who will show you the best bunny hideouts. We’ll keep a little of you here in our hearts, and we’ll see you again someday.

I wish I'd been a better photographer and could have figured out how to get her to look at the camera more often. I don't have nearly as many photos as I wish I had, but here are some of my favorites."



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: March 11th, 2016
Date of Passing: March 28th, 2016
Family: Kelly & Andy Smisek
Fans: Carey Nagoda, Christa Morones, J Hart Enterprises, Carol Chappell, Nancy LaRocca, Karine Wagner
Tribute: He was 11 years old and was surrendered there by his owner because he could not walk.

While hope had us so high, the thought that we somehow had to muster the courage to depend on euthanasia, has brought us to an unexpected low. Jerry was without a doubt giving up. I am almost hesitant to share how we made the decision because I can't bear to hear that there may have been one more thing we could have done for him, as that has been nagging on us for days.

We tried acupuncture, cold laser therapy, visits to the chiropractor, steroids and pain medication. Between Andy and I, we suited him up in his wheels three times a day without fail to be sure he was upright for a period of time, could go potty like a normal dog, gain strength, and eat out of a normal food bowl. Hope begged all of us to rally!

The past couple days without the wheels, he laid completely laterally and did not even try to prop himself on his elbows to participate in the happenings of the room. Jerry was on so many pain meds he began to seem lethargic. When his pain meds wore off his eyes bulged focused on pain and he whined and almost barked for mercy. Dressed in his wheelchair, trying to keep with routine knowing there would be bad days with the good, he pulled himself all around the yard after finishing each meal to check out the gardens. Today after his meal, 85 pound Jerry surrendered by lowering himself down to his chin (legs still in his chair), no longer with the will to stay standing. His eyes changed and he was tired.

As I type this, I see our dogs watching and waiting for me. This makes me realize that I am keeping you from yours... These little souls counting on us to do right by them. I wish Jerry's owner would have had the courage to be with Jerry in the end, but we are so lucky that we were able to meet him, bring him some happiness, and learn from him.

Let me ask you to just please share joy in my most favorite photo of Jerry and then go engage with your dogs. I love the sparkle in his eyes, how he is standing in his chair as bold as ever, drinking water from the hose like an ordinary happy dog. Go run over that bridge, Jerry. We love you.


download (1).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: March 12th, 2016
Date of Passing: August 18th, 2018
Family: Jake & Lisa Conway
Fans: Jennifer Murray, Susan Ryan
Tribute: On Saturday, August 18th, 2018 we fulfilled our promise to 12 year old Bernie.

We rescued Bernie, formerly Jared, from Downey Shelter on March 12th, 2016. A couple months ago Bernie battled seizure after seizure, making an incredible recovery. In the early morning of this last Saturday, Bernie's mom noticed his breathing change, and rushed him to the ER where he passed away. They suspected it to be heart related, as we also supported him on daily heart maintenance medications.

His mom shares, "It's with total devastation that I announce the passing of Bernie. They told me that dogs with congestive heart failure can go quickly. I don't know what else to even say- he was just my little buddy and I miss him more than I can express..."

Thank you to Lisa Conway for your diligent care in managing all things Bernz. We want to offer so much love and peace to you knowing that you did everything you could for him. Thank you to Jennifer Murray and Susan Ryan for being his dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


download (2).jpg

Acquired from: Inland Valley Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: March 16th, 2016
Date of Passing: July 23rd, 2019
Family: Denise Mendonca & Rob Bailey
Fans: Denise Mendonca
Tribute: On July 23rd we fulfilled our promise to Kirby. I love this story. Denise & Rob registered to be Kirby's monthly sponsoring Fans when he was first rescued because they love rat terriers. Kirby went to live in a home, but was later returned to FFF. We called Denise to see if she would consider being his mom, and she said yes almost immediately.

From Fan to Family, they share,

"Our Kirby declined substantially last night and today we helped him cross the bridge. That feisty little man was the reason we found Frosted Faces Foundation, and he was friends with all 4 of our other frosted faces. It will be a long time before I stop trying to check on him. I already miss him so much. Kirby was 100% daddy’s boy, and Rob has memories to share about him..
We lost our good little buddy today and it hurts. But, we know Kirby is in a better place now, where he can chase the bunnies and splash in the bay with Buddy and Shasta, his big brother and sister.

Kirby fit in so well with our pack, and was a food hound in his own right. I remember many times when Denise would be making breakfast, he would be over-the-top excited about his upcoming feast. To keep him under some control, I would hold him and could feel his heart racing like a piston engine. I would have to talk to him constantly to keep him calm and distracted from the meal prep. I’d tell him about how anticipation is one of the best things you can experience. He’d humor me and listen for a while, but eventually he would squirm away and head to the kitchen, and that’s when “fun” began. This little guy could go vertical like a jump jet, up and down, two times his height, and a lot, if we’d let him, at meal time. And he would chow down with the best of them and was always on the prowl for another bite to eat.

Kirby was my walking partner back when I was under a doctor’s orders to cut weight for a needed surgery. On these long walks, Kirby played tag, hide and seek and generally was a true companion in a time of need.

He was a scrappy fella that loved to be part of the pack and often took the opportunity to be the lead dog. On our morning walks when he has still spry, we might go three or four blocks out, turn around and head back home. Many times we’d turn to go back and Kirby, all eight pounds of him, jumped to the front of us all and set a jaunty pace that we had trouble keeping up with, until he let the pack catch up to him. At least, that’s what I’d tell him and he didn’t disagree.

We are going to miss our feisty and comical little friend and companion. But our hearts are filled with the joy and love he gave us as he lived out what we hope were the best years of his sweet life."


download (3).jpg

Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 22nd, 2016
Date of Passing: March 29th, 2016
Family: Melanie Phillips
Fans:  Leo Puppy Mill Survivor
Tribute: He seemed mentally dull, stood without intention and stumbled to the right. He only recognized food once put in his mouth and suffered classic dementia bouts of cries seemingly "lost," so we guessed at the very least he had dementia. We all hoped he was simply depressed, perhaps loss of sight from chronic untreated dry eye was causing his behavior, or maybe it was just the UTI.

Last night and this morning it was affirmed something more major was going on. Edgar seized multiple times and the doctors at South Temecula Veterinary Hospital and Pet Hotel confirmed that he probably had a brain tumor and that he we were only prolonging the inevitable.

The good things... I will remember our really good nap together on the couch on Saturday. Edgar snored so loudly and he held me like a human with his paws curled around my arm.

His Forever Foster writes:

"Still trying to put my feelings into words that will make sense to anyone but myself. For only being with me for 2 short days, I didn't imagine that my heart would hurt the way it does right now. And not because he had to be put to sleep but because I didn't get to experience him and love on him before it was too late.

Even in his confusion and obvious health decline, he craved human interaction. The only time he wouldn't cry at night is when he felt me next to him. His name was to be chosen by my 6 year old daughter and unfortunately, she didn't even get to meet him to choose his name. She did come up with one before he got here though, so in our household Edgar is now known as Thunder James."

As painful as it is right now and as difficult as those moments were, I am so relieved that there was someone with him and I feel very honored that it was me. He was incredibly sweet but so clearly miserable in his current state. His body and his mind are at peace now and for that, I am very thankful. Thank you Frosted Faces for allowing me to have one of the most difficult yet incredibly rewarding experiences. Thunder James was loved and babied just as every Senior should be when they need us the most. I am so very grateful that you guys trusted me to do those things for him."


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: April 1st, 2016
Date of Passing: April 6th, 2016
Family: Ken Erickson & Sarah Losoya
Fans: Judith Johnson, Christa Morones
Tribute: I wasn't expecting her to leave us this fast. The severity of your heart condition led me to believe your family kept you until you became a burden with your coughing and course of treatment. You were never a burden to us in the very short time we got to be your family. In fact, all we wanted to do was have you rest peacefully knowing you were loved and safe.

The first moment I saw you, I knew you were special as you reminded me of our childhood cocker. In fact, my sister tagged me in your post not knowing I had already asked to foster you. When Kelly told me about your heart condition, it's as if you had picked us your family because my first forever dog passed of heart failure so I knew exactly what to expect...or so I thought.

When you first came to us, you flourished. You loved the yard, napped so peacefully and even ate! My 15 month old daughter, who usually chases our dogs, came up and gave you the most gentle kiss on your head as if she knew you were in need of love and affection. You spent that night with us in he living room being pet, loved, and even slept on the couch with me for a while. You were just so thankful to find some peace and calm. The next day, you started to cough more and more. Then you started panting. Your coughing fits went from a minute or two at a time to incessantly in the span of a few hours. You took your meds but they weren't helping. I stayed up with you all night as you would not sleep, your coughing and anxiety made you pace all night. You could not find peace or comfort. The next day was even worse and when I took you to the vet, you gave me "that look" which I didn't want to see. The two hours at the vet, you never stopped coughing. Kelly and I had to make the decision your "family" should have made for you before surrendering you to the shelter. I wasn't ready to let you go but the alternative was trying even more meds and taking you off the cough suppressant to maybe give you a few more days in which you would just be suffering. Your heart was pushing against your trachea to the point you couldn't breathe.

Before the vet came in, I had a few minutes alone with you. As you coughed persistently, I told you how much I love you. I held you as you crossed the rainbow bridge and for the first time, you stopped coughing.


download (5).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: April 3rd, 2016
Date of Passing: January 9th, 2016
Family: Mike Schwartz & Stephanie Jobe
Fans: Tanya Nielsen, Linda Murphy, Carol Chappell, Julie, Luther
Tribute: She was emaciated, but howled with excitement and energy in her new surroundings.  She was quick to attach to her two new kids, sleeping with them and eating their Cheerios off the floor.  She looked and felt fantastic, as her family plumped her up and kept her groomed regularly.  We knew from the get-go they needed to love on her without delay because her kidneys were not functioning properly.

Early this fall her glaucoma became so painful that we had to determine whether to euthanize her or remove her eyes.  She was still thriving, so we decided to go ahead with the surgery.  Although we did not know we would lose Holly so soon, we are grateful that we were able to prove her a pain free last few months.

I am picturing Holly howling at the Rainbow Bridge upon arrival.  Let that happiness be so.


download (1).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: April 4th, 2016
Date of Passing: April 4th, 2016
Family: Richard & Mary Johnson
Fans:  Celeste Leander, Amanda Jimenez, and Susan Cassell
Tribute: We rescued 12 year old Hunter from Carson Shelteron April 4th, 2016 after he had been surrendered the day before because he was no longer eating. He was scheduled to be humanely euthanized by the shelter today, but knowing that they are inadequately funded, we wanted to be sure to invest in the proper diagnostics to be sure that the decision was justified.
Dear Hunter's Owner,

We paid $50.00 to rescue your dog that took you $10.00 to surrender. Two people who had never met your dog agreed to be his family just because he had no one. A bunch of dedicated dog-loving bystanders donated to cover his potential medical costs. A team of three volunteers drove as quickly as they could from Gardena, CA to San Diego, CA to get your dog to the vet. A veterinary team stayed two hours beyond close to ensure he got treatment. We invested in bloodwork and X-rays to learn what you already knew - your dog was very sick, in pain, and could not breathe. One very tired, emotionally invested girl held your dog close to her chest sobbing because there were no good options and no good days left to be had- and she mustered up the courage to let him go.

The Christmas sweater you dressed him in and the softness of his fur leads us to believe that you really loved Hunter, and too, felt you had no options. For people who love dogs so much, the act of relinquishing responsibility of an ill animal that is devoted to you will always be baffling. We wish you had the resources that we do so that you could have held Hunter as he breathed his last loving breath. We don't want to be angry and we don't want to be naively forgiving--perhaps we will just side with the dogs because we know we cannot go wrong there.

We saw that Hunter needed help, regardless of the scenario, and we did everything that we thought was right. Hunter had a lot of people who loved him and we are privileged to have been able to give him a peaceful passing.

Heartbroken and Confused,
There is always that one photo from the transport where the dog shines with gratefulness and relief in spite of all ailments. We have included that photo and we hope that smile shines on.

Hunter's X-rays showed that he was suffering from end stages of congestive heart failure and he had an enormous, painful mass that filled most of his abdomen. His hematocrit was 20% among other terribly abnormal values.


download (2).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: April 7th, 2016
Date of Passing: January 25th, 2017
Family: Shannon Benson
Fans: Ryan Rubin, Teresa Vasquez, Laurie Roberts Fine Art, Kim Whiting, Katie Cardullo, Judith Traub, Margo Pisa
Tribute: We rescued Molly on April 7th, 2016 from Carson Shelter after she had been surrendered by her owners. She had a large mass on her neck, but she had spunk. We operated to remove the mass and did dental surgery. While anesthetized, we almost lost her as her blood pressure dropped, but the vet staff managed to wake her up and get the job done! Shortly after, the mass grew back and even larger. We thought we had taken good enough margins, but the cancer was clearly too aggressive. We knew she could not withstand surgery again, so Shannon's clock began ticking. We kept her comfortable on pain medication, steroids, and antibiotics.

One thing about Molly's mom, Shannon, is that she is a very busy person. She gives her time, she gives her energy, she gives her money, and then she gives a little more. Regardless of how busy she was she always had time to be kind and give Molly dignified last days lulled by her sweet voice.

After being cared for by Yorba Lake Pet Clinic, today Doc said Molly looked different and that it was time. 


download (3).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: April 12th, 2016
Date of Passing: August 10th, 2016
Family: Richard & Mary Johnson
Fans:  Kathy Cleveland, Carolyn Hynes
Tribute: Apollo was surrendered as "Polo" by his very own owners at the age of 13 years old. We rescued him from Downey Shelter on March 12th, 2016. He was dirty and had severe medical issues, an ulcerated mass on his neck and a large mass in his abdomen. We removed the mass when Apollo was thriving, but ultimately the masses spread within, and the veterinarians suspect one ruptured causing him to be pale, not eat, and lethargic.

If there is one thing you should do in this life, it is make sacrifices for those who are suffering. There is so much STUFF in this world, so much EXTRA - How can anyone not have enough? Why aren't we offering more of ourselves to prevent the suffering, the damage, the things that make this world sad? Why do we keep making more?

...That is what is special about Richard, Mary, and their son John. They saw Apollo suffering, not having what every dog should have- a family-and in spite of the looming heartache and the appeal for a puppy, they accepted and loved him.

Mary shares, "Today we lost Apollo. He was failing and it was time to end his suffering. Thank you so much to [Frosted Faces Foundation] for rescuing him from the shelter and to the benefactors who made our time together possible. We were a very lucky family. Apollo was a sweet, patient old soul. Thank you for our precious time together. We love him." "If not you, then who?" is especially our motto this month. Because the Johnson's turned that finger around, pointed at themselves and decided, "If not now, then when?" we can confidently say, mission fulfilled.


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 13th, 2016
Date of Passing: April 14th, 2016
Family: David & Nancy Wild
Fans: Karine Wagner, Joann Gudim
Tribute: We got a call from a shelter volunteer that a very neglected dog was being surrendered for euthanasia to Riverside Shelter on April 13th, 2016. We waited patiently while the dog was processed into the Riverside Shelter system and given a thorough exam, and we were granted permission to rescue her to pursue further medical testing to give her a shot at happiness.

Dr. Wallace debulked as much of the mass as possible and then I got the unwanted call. There was dead infected tissue all of the way up to the abdominal wall and the mass had spread into her abdomen. Once sedated, Dr. Wallace's forceps could reach from the outside of Estée's poor body all of the way inside to touch her stomach from the abscess. 

There was absolutely no way to remove all of the infected tissue. To close her up and hope for the best would not make sense and the chance of her dying of sepsis was nearly guaranteed. 
Estée did not make it. I am so sorry, little girl. We tried. No more pain. A whole lot of people love you now and you were not alone. 
Thank you to Hope For Paws for helping us to give Estée a chance.


download (5).jpg

Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 23rd, 2016
Date of Passing: May 20th, 2016
Family: Jeremy & Janine Marr
Fans: Rachel Walsh, Donna Stuber, Catherine Reich, Tralynn Gray
Tribute: We Fulfilled our promise to Walter, formerly Tyler, on May 20th, 2016 as his quality life began to deteriorate due to the mass on his neck constricting his breathing and the inevitable suffering he was destined to suffer if we selfishly tried to push forward.

As four grown adults, Andy, Jeremy, Janine, and myself, hovered over Walter's body blinking back tears all I could think was, "we are dedicated to fulfilling the promise of family." The devastating part is that we cannot promise how much time...

You should have seen the essay Janine wrote about all of her concerns for Walter's well being for the vet. When Dr. VanMaele called to discuss options she explained how much Walter's family sincerely cared about him to have invested so much thought, time, and energy. We are honored to have an Animal Care Attendant from our very own San Diego Animal Control be a Forever Foster for a dog we desperately wanted to help from Riverside Shelter. He was freed on April 23rd, 2016 and not euthanized for space because of these incredible people!!

Janine sees sad cases and desperate faces every day and surely Jeremy hears about them. I guess I don't know why I was surprised to see her so emotional over our Walter, but as I reflect, it's because he was HER Walter. He was part of their family and they welcomed him with full hearts in spite of him being 10 years old and having medical ailments.

Janine writes in tribute:
"Sadly we left the vet without Walter this evening. With his recent issues, the vet (and us as well) suspected a brain tumor and we didn't think it would be fair to either A) have him live in a constant state of anxiety or B) have him so sedated that his quality of life wasn't there. The masses on his neck have doubled in size and it was only a matter of time that it would cause him to suffer. We had an amazing 25 days with this guy, we always hope for more days but cherish the ones we did have. Thank you Walter for making us laugh and made sure we had ample quantities of drool. Rest in peace King of the Sloppy Faces. Until we meet again.

To The Frosted Face Foundation and the families. You are an amazing bunch of people. We are a rare breed and you haven't seen the last of us. Hug your gray faces for us! 😘"

So many great things about Walter, but the best was this video "Kitty has a Death Wish." Such a messy, carefree, gentle guy.


download (6).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 29th, 2016
Date of Passing: April 29th, 2016
Family: Kelly & Andy Smisek
Tribute: On April 29th, 2016 we rushed 10 year old Gracie from Downey Shelter to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital after she was surrendered by her owners.

Her owners approached the FFF table at Shane's War and said they thought their dog had parasites. We recommended going to the vet, but they said she was too sick from it and they were at the shelter to put her to sleep. We asked to see their dog and coincidentally she was a senior.

We found Gracie in the backseat of the man's car and his sister accompanied him. He said that he had adopted Gracie from a neighbor a few years ago and even then he said she had the beginnings of what we witnessed today. What he was describing were mammary masses that had ruptured and become infected.

As we had walked up to the car with the man he exclaimed to his sister, "This lady is from a rescue and wants to help Gracie." I couldn't even be angry. He didn't even know... The really confusing part was that he then asked the ACO that if they went in and adopted another dog, whether he should bleach out his dog house so they couldn't catch what Gracie had-- We bit our tongues and rolled Gracie into the shelter vet office. The owners pulled away.

The shelter vet recommended euthanasia, but agreed she may have a chance with more diagnostics so we decided to commit to Gracie and get her care.

Money was no object because the wonderful Hope For Paws saw our post and offered a generous medical donation in her name. Our veterinarians are as hopeful as we are, but this time they called us and said that the infection was too great, too deep, and very likely cancerous. The amount of suffering Gracie had endured was absolutely not to be prolonged and it was not in Gracie's best interest to even be hopeful. We needed to accept that euthanasia was our gift to her and be satisfied that she did not pass alone. As we are stuck up at Downey Shelter still, FFF Adviser and RVT Bethany Turnbloom held Gracie as she took her last painful breath.

The good news in all of this is that the owners' names, addresses, and phone numbers were flagged so they could never adopt from an LA shelter again. The shelter is also pressing charges. We are providing them with extensive medical records and photographs from our veterinarian.

At the end of the day I am just numb. So much effort, so little joy, so many more to go.

We are privileged to have been able to provide you comfort sweet Gracie. Rest in peace.

Video of Gracie's Surrender:


download (7).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 30th, 2016
Date of Passing: May 2nd, 2016
Family: Elaine Byrnes
Fans: Tralynn Gray, Dona Doig
Tribute: Last night we noticed Kenny was acting quiet. He got extra attention laying on Andy's chest while we watched a move (Daddy's Home) and we made him scrambled eggs which he wouldn't eat. Dogs don't always eat their first days at Headquarters and we are not familiar with their temperaments. Shelter medical information said that Kenny had a mild heart murmur.

We sent this photo to his new mom, Elaine, last night to let her know he was acting weird, but seemed alert and couldn't wait to be back in her arms on Tuesday.

Kenny earned a spot between Andy and I in bed last night and his exam at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital couldn't come soon enough today to put us at ease. Around 4:00am we woke up to the smell of dog poop. Kenny had wiggled up onto my pillow, he had pooped while sleeping, and he seemed limp.

All the lights went on and we rushed to get a thermometer. First thing we also do when dogs seem sick is check gums and temperature!! His gums are black by nature, but seemed tacky and his temperature was 97 degrees. Dog temperatures should be between 100-102.

We wrapped him in blankets and started to put on our shoes and close up the house to head to the ER, but we heard a gasp from the bedroom. Andy and I rushed to his side, as we unfortunately have been through this more than once. Kenny was almost gone and his body was shutting down. He passed in our arms soaked in our tears on May 2nd, 2016.

I wish I had more photos of Kenny to share. Two days with him was absolutely not enough since we had just rescued him on April 30th, 2016. I am so glad that Elaine picked him out at Downey shelter. She could've chosen anyone, and you should've seen how gently she held his delicate body when we first pulled him from his shelter kennel. The arms of safety, no doubt.

These are my favorite photos of Kenny. He was so sweet and innocent and he did not deserve to be discarded and pass in strangers' arms. Regardless, he was a Frosted Face and we loved him.


download (9).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: April 30th, 2016
Date of Passing: March 2nd, 2017
Family: Tawnee Haley and Wayne Pellham
Fans: Morgan Kleiderlein, Heike Maglaque, Roberta Diakun
Tribute: We rescued 16 year old Missy from Downey Shelter on April 30th, 2016 after she was surrendered by her owners. Her family had called FFF and said they had an urge to foster an old dog, it didn't really matter who, but they wanted to make a big difference.

You can imagine we jumped on that like white on rice, got them screened, and said, "How about this one?" They agreed to being Missy's family instantly and for all of 10 months she truly was family. Pictures speak 1,000 words, so we will let them do the talking.

Last night her family got home to her covered in diarrhea and she did not have function in her back legs. They gave her a bath and she was a little stronger. Her gums were pale and her temperature was 97 degrees, so we rushed her to California Veterinary Specialists where they said they thought she had suffered a seizure or stroke, her temperature was quickly dropping and she was acting neurologic. It was time. Of course her family reflects, "This was definitely harder then we thought."

Missy girl, we are so proud to have paired you with such a wonderful, patient family. To Tawnee Haley and Wayne Pellham, wow. You guys did a terribly fantastic job with your first Frosted Face and we were honored to work with you. Thank you for everything you offered Missy.


download (8).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: May 1st, 2016
Date of Passing: July 25th, 2016
Family: Eve Henderson
Fans: Tanya Nielsen, Isabel Rosser, Tralynn Gray, Stephanie Pilgrim
Tribute: We did major surgery to remove a large mass from her shoulder that looked like necrotic tissue. We later learned it had tendencies of fibrosarcoma and it grew back rapidly. Today was the day she said she could no longer handle the pain.

"Last week, Dibs suddenly began to weaken, the effect, probably, of a mass on her shoulder that returned after its initial removal in May. The change startled me, coming at me out of the blue like that. I started a letter to her before she left me and finished it this morning after she was gone. With apologies for the length . . .

Letter to Dibs from Someone Who Loves You
I’m writing this to you, Dibs, this morning while you are still with me. It seems the right thing to do, and I need to say some things. I know we may be coming to your last morning this side of the Rainbow Bridge. You don’t know that. You are sleeping on your pillow, struggling with pain and a body that is losing its fight to keep you here. You know when I kneel down beside you to stroke your pretty head and tell you I love you and kiss your soft fuzzy face.

You went suddenly from eating like a soldier to not wanting anything at all. You went from a lop-sided gallop across the yard to a weak-footed stumble from one pillow to another. You can barely move, but you struggle to get up every time you see the leash. You even try to climb into the car when you have just enough strength to walk.

Who were you before I knew you? Did somebody love you? Why did you feel like you had to fight to protect your food and your toys? Did you have to do that before you came to me? I imagine you running like the wind on those long legs, stomping the ground like a wild horse with those incredibly huge and beautiful paws, shouting into the air with confidence and glorying in life. I’ll miss your ear-splitting, hoarse bark chopping bites out of the air when the food bowls came out. I’ll miss your goofy face when you wanted to play but didn’t know how to do it without bowling everybody over. Mostly, I’ll just miss you.

A beautiful senior whose people took her to a shelter at the end of her life and by so doing, missed out on the profound, soul-etching joy of walking hand-in-paw with a loving senior to the edge of the rainbow, of whispering goodbye and hugging a soft, warm neck, and of believing one day that part of our own eternity will include sharing it with you leaning against our knees and smiling up into our faces. Good-bye, Dibs. Darla Dibs from Downey. I love you. I’ll be seeing you. Thank you for everything.

I let Dibs go at 10 this morning. Just like always, she struggled to her feet when she saw the leash and even tried to jump in the car. I lifted her in, and I lifted her out. I carried her to the gray steel table and stayed with her way too long before she left and way too long after she was gone. She looked peaceful, and after last night, that looked nice. I held the beautiful paws that I loved from the moment we met. And then I had to leave her, which didn’t feel right and never will. You’d think love would be magic enough to stare down sickness and send it running backwards, falling over itself to get out of the way of a rolling tidal wave of love. It isn’t. But love will be enough to get me a ticket to the Rainbow Bridge when my turn comes to leave. Watch for me, Dibs. Remember me. Smile when you see me. I know I’ll smile when I see you. We can run away over the hills together."


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Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: May 4th, 2016
Date of Passing: July 18th, 2017
Family: Isaac and Lucy Capuano
Fans: Karine Wagner, Terri Denning, Kathy Conrad, Julie Preston
Tribute: We rescued Maggie on May 4th, 2016 from Baldwin Park Shelter after she was surrendered by her owners. It was evident immediately that Maggie was THE perfect dog companion. 

Her mom writes in tribute, "It has been more than a year but I remember as if it was yesterday when I met my beautiful Maggie at the park.

I applied to foster her for Frosted Faces Foundation.
The minute that I saw Kelly Smíšek walking with her, I could not believe that such a beautiful soul was surrender to the shelter by her family; she was beautiful and the perfect dog. I love Maggie with all my heart; she was the sweetest, loving, beautiful soul, and I was so fortunate to have her in my life.

People believe that we save dogs from the shelter, but I think that this dogs save us; they give us the opportunity to feel unconditional love.

Unfortunately my time with Maggie came to an end today, she was very sick and we had to let her go.

She is now free of pain.
RIP my loyal companion.
Maggie, you are now with all your furry friends, Maxi, Brandi, Marley and Princess.

Thank God for the opportunity that I had to know and love Maggie.

Thanks to Frosted Faces Foundation and all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors for all the work they do to save senior dogs and for the wonderful opportunity they gave me to love Maggie.

Beautiful Maggie, this is not a goodbye, we will meet again when my time comes."

We love you, Maggie.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: May 4th, 2016
Date of Passing:
Family: Caprice Burnett
Fans: Theresa Mulligan, Joann Gudim, 



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: May 4th, 2016
Date of Passing: July 17th, 2019
Family: Chuck & Carol Schmitt
Fans: David Joseph Katona
Tribute: On Wednesday, July 17th we fulfilled our promise to Gigi. We did a handful of surgeries for masses and dental work, she was on great pain medication for her arthritis, but in the end, it was a fast growing mass in her mouth that cut short her love story.

Gigi was one of the first dogs part of the Molly & Me Project and her family, of course, decided to keep her after countless weekend RV trips where they bonded.

I want to add how special families are who not only commit to a SENIOR bully breed, but also a dog who was poorly socialized by no fault of her own. It could've been a death sentence, but instead, she lived a life most companion animals could only dream of and she got all the lovies to herself!

"Gigi never met a face she didn't want to kiss; and she had sticky, wet kisses, which made you know you were loved. She was gentle with everyone, just not other dogs.

She wanted to do anything for you, and sometimes that just meant to be with you. Even though we were a mere 10 feet away, sometimes she would pine and we would move her blankets next to us where she would settle down.

Her arthritis got so bad she eventually wound up crab walking (walking sideways), but she never gave up. Walking was her passion, she just couldn't do it any more. Lots of sniffs and chasing lizards were also her passions. She traveled to Utah, Arizona, and central California.

She took our hearts in exchange for her wings. We feel it was a pretty fair trade. We love her and miss her dearly. Love you, baby girl, until we see you again!"